3 week Yoga Retreat: Overview – Read this before you begin!

Have you heard?  Beachbody has created a 3 week Yoga Retreat!  If you have ever considered trying yoga or already practice, this program has something for you!

Here’s a break down of what to expect: 

What better way to learn how to do yoga, without worrying about others watching and judging you than in the comfort of your home?  Better yet, take it with you wherever you feel most comfortable!  The beach?  The mountains?  Your bedroom?  The possibilities are endless!

Let’s break down the classes and what to expect…

The Classes in 3 Week Yoga Retreat

Mondays are Core. The foundation of yoga starts in your core. This class focuses on exercises that engage, activate, and build awareness of these very important muscles.

Tuesdays are Stretch. This class is aimed at helping you stretch, extend, and lengthen all the muscles in your body with a variety of poses.

Wednesdays are Balance. Challenge yourself with a series of different postures that engage the core and help you develop better balance inside and out.

Thursdays are Flow. In this class you’ll put together everything you’ve learned so far and connect it with your breathing in a non-stop “flowing” format. This is Vinyasa Flow, Beachbody-style.

Fridays are Flow to Go, a shorter, more advanced version of Thursday’s class that features a little less cueing.

Saturdays are Relax. Faith helps you unwind from your week with this relaxing class.

Sundays are Take 10. These are short, 10-minute classes that will help you wake up, wind down, or work those abs. Pick one or do all three.

Here’s a sample of Week 1, Day 2’s yoga practice: 

Before you begin you want to read all the materials through in the program guide located on the right side of your screen when you are logged into the Beachbody on Demand portal.  Also, you want to take your Before pose photos and measurements.  Here are a few of mine:

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What equipment will you need?

Simple – a yoga mat! I recommend the reversible mat 5mm in black.  It’s my favorite!  You can order it here


You can also use yoga blocks and/or a yoga strap but they are required.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to sharing my 3 week yoga journey with you!  Be sure to check back and subscribe so you don’t miss updates!

If you want to try it out you can simply click here OR fill out the form below so we can connect further on your goals!  Chat soon.

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