What are Macros?

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Have you heard about Macros?  Flexible Dieting?  Maybe IIFIYM?


what are macros blog 4Maybe you have seen people on social media eating donuts or bacon and talking about how they fit it into their macros?  Ring a bell? macro blog feb

I must say, when I first heard of it I wasn’t interested.  In my mind ‘dieting’ and ‘healthy’ are two different goals.

I strive to be ‘healthy’.  I have trained my body to crave and enjoy ‘healthy’ foods but what happens when you do cave and have the donut?  What then?  Is it a cheat?  But how do you count a cheat meal?  And how often?  How much food is considered a cheat?  I needed more clarity in these spaces….I was intrigued on how I could fit these foods, as well as ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ foods into my daily nutrition and still see the results I wanted physically.  INSERT MACROS!!

Macros are: Proteins, Carbs and Fats

These are the 3 largest parts of what a gram of food/calorie is composed of.

Here are a few typical meals for me now that I’m tracking my macros!

macro blog feb 2





macro blog feb 3








What’s the first step in calculating your Macros?  Check out this calculator! 

Check out this video for clear directions on how to calculate YOUR unique macros!

If you want to work with me on calculating your Macros or work together to reach your goals fill out this form!

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