September Accountability Group : Fall in LOVE with YOU!

Fall is fast approaching!  In a few short days it will officially be Autumn which means cooler weather, warmer meals, football and fall sports for kiddos.  With those changes, and as we enter Winter I am excited to kick off my next health and fitness accountability group : Fall in LOVE with YOU!

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Let’s dive deeper into what I mean by Fall in Love with You…My kiddos are settled into school and we are finding more balance with our schedules.  They have started soccer, dance and homework has picked up.  My husband’s work schedule really picks up in the fall time so I’m off to the races by myself a lot. open house, healthy life with 3, 21 day fix, country heat, erica amadori, back to school

With all the family responsibilities I face as a busy Mom of 3 I desperately need ME TIME!  I need that release!  Can you relate?

I have come to grips with the fact that there will never be enough time in the day but I know now that I am in control of my day and time.  Thanks Personal Development 🙂

With the 24 hours I am given, I must rest enough and take care of myself.  Over the course of the last 2 years I have learned that if I commit to 20-30 minute workouts for myself 4-6 days a week I can let out the frustrations life has thrown at me.  Plus, look an feel my best!  (P.S. Have you started common core with your kiddos?  AR tests?  PTA?  Preschool Boards?  You know what I mean 🙂 )

In addition, I now have to fuel my body with clean, healthy foods.  My oh my how things changed after having kiddos and getting older.  I NEED the energy from these healthy foods to keep up with the demands life has placed on me.  No longer can I drive through McDonalds and get an egg McMuffin and a coffee.  I would starve and be lightheaded all day!  Not only that, but I know in order to be at my best for my family, business and community I must take care of myself.  I want to be a light in this world!  I want to be happy and feel my best so I can give my best!

glitter, motivational quotes, happiness quotes, champagne quotes, healthy mom, 21 day fix, country heat, september, pumpkin spice I want my kiddos to remember a fun and happy Mom!  Not the stressed to the MAX Hot Mess Mama I am when I don’t take time for myself.

I get it.  Life is hard!  We all have hard!  Everyone’s hard is a little different but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself.  You are important!  You are a vital piece to your family’s day to day life!  Without you – things wouldn’t work!

So, let’s work together!  Let’s honor your family and yourself by Falling back in LOVE with YOU!  Take care of your amazingly strong and wonderful self in my next private accountability group!  Put yourself on your do this!  I think you’re pretty important and I want you to see your true potential!

In my private accountability groups we work on DAILY motivation, accountability and support through a private group format.  We love and encourage one another and I help you each day with a morning check in that has a different topic about health and fitness.  You also have daily goals and weekly check ins for 3 full weeks.

Does that sound like something you would like to be apart of?  Then fill out the form below and I will contact you within 24 hours!  But hurry, we start plan and prep this Thursday September 22nd and Day 1 of our group begins September 26th!

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