PiYo – Strength, Flexibility and Cardio all in one!

You’ve heard of Yoga and maybe you’ve heard of Pilates.  What if they got together, added in a little bit of options for jumping, faster movements and you could even wear sneakers?  Well, my friends, that would be PiYo!

In this blog I’m going to do my best to explain it like we are sitting at coffee together.  I don’t want this to be some super boring typical blog post about a workout plan.  NOPE!

Let’s dive in…

I’m busy.  I don’t care to sit too much.  I honestly have a hard time sitting still, hence why I started vlogging more regularly instead of blogging.

I get bored easily and like to be active.  I think that’s why I have always enjoyed group sports, races, etc.  BUT you can’t always go go go.

There are some days you need to slow down or change up your workout routine.  As I’ve gotten older my body has taught me not everything needs to be super intense.  Sometimes I need to simmer down 🙂

But what if you’re not super into fitness.  Maybe you’re new to the club.  WELCOME 🙂

Maybe you’ve stumbled on my blog/vlogs and the idea of lifting weights is intimidating.  You don’t really want to go into a gym and you’re looking for something to get your feet wet.


There are so many varying levels of fitness and to be honest, there is no one sized fits all the fitness.  BUT, PiYo comes pretty darn close!  It doesn’t matter if you’re super fit and workout 300 hours a day or if you’re new to the club and haven’t workout in what seems like 300 YEARS!  PiYo literally has something for everyone.

The is a modifier who can show you how to take the exercise down a level or two.  There is also an advanced option.  Chalene Johnson does an awesome job of giving lots of options and heck, if you want to work really hard, you just repeat the workout!!!

Alright, enough words already, let me show you some vids of me actually doing PiYo so you can see it in action!

So what do you think? Pretty cool? Want to give it a try?

piyo, PiYo, healthylifewith3, healthy life with 3,



Don’t just take my word and experience for it!  Watch this!!!

piyo, PiYo, healthylifewith3, healthy life with 3,

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