PiYo Hardcore on the Floor REVIEW

As I finish up Month 1 of PiYo I noticed on the schedule was Core OR Hardcore on the Floor. I decided to try the FREE workout I got from ordering my challenge pack from a Coach. On the packaging it says:

Get ready to carve every single muscle in your body without ever leaving the floor!

Whether you’re passionate about PiYo and want more, or you just want to start with a taste, Chalene Johnson’s sweat-dripping bodyweight workout helps you define yourself like never before. Sculpt an ultra-strong core and totally defined abs, glutes, legs, and arms that get noticed.

Chalene developed this targeted 30-minute workout to specifically tighten and strengthen every muscle throughout your core! It’s her way of getting your core ready to power through any movement and at the same time melt fat from those hard-to-shape areas. You’ll be amazed at the difference in how you look and how you perform. Low impact. High intensity. Hardcore results.

Sounded good to me!!!  I pushed play and got started with 33 minutes of core work….
There is a nice warm up and then you move into some beast poses that build upon one another.  It got pretty intense quickly and reminded me that I have work to do on my core.  Some of the other moves included v sits, advanced v sit moves, PiYo punters, hip drops and other dynamic PiYo movements!  I love how at the end she works your lower back with some sea turtle moves as a part of the cool down.  
Here is a sneak peak into my favorite moves from this video.

Overall I give this video a THUMBS UP REVIEW!!!  This a great workout and moves well.  There is a lot of variety and points where you will be complaining, but in a good way.  Thanks for reading and I hope that you give this workout a shot after reading this review.

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