LIVE from Nashville: Glimpse into Coaching

Over the next week I will be prepping for, traveling to and partaking in an EXCITING 5 days in Nashville, TN!

Why you ask?

To attend our annual conference called, Coach Summit!

Thursday – Saturday my husband Jason, my team, some of their husbands and I will be attending LIVE workouts with celebrity trainers, seminars, training, parties and much much more!!!

I am beyond excited! Last year was my first Coach Summit and I was MIND BLOWING!!!

IMG_0743 IMG_0763

All checked in and ready to go!

coach call_1

Meeting Celebrity Trainers!

IMG_1018coach call _2

Closing Ceremony!

If you want the play by play I did this call for my Team!  Watch here:

This year will be EPIC!!!  I am beyond excited to share in this experience with my husband and team!  Last year it was just my Coach and myself staying with a few other girls within the Coaching Network.  Since technology is awesome and with the addition to FB with the LIVE feature I will be sharing the behind the scenes nitty gritty in a PRIVATE Facebook group, LIVE from Nashville!

live from nashville

Have you ever wondered what I do?

Why I blog about…Fitness? Recipes?

Because I love helping people! I enjoy using social media to share my story. My story of struggle with weight gain, loss and health while being a Stay at Home Mom of 3 to help encourage and inspire others to do the same!
I would love for you to join me in this extra special group by joining via this PRIVATE Facebook Group and joining here and fill out the form below!

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