How to get back on track after a Vacation

You just got home from vacation and while you had an awesome time relaxing and breaking free from the normal ins and outs of life you’re feeling off.  Typical side effects from a great vacation are bloat, irritability, lack of energy, headaches and lack of motivation.  So how do you combat these side effects and get back on track after a vacation?

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I totally know how your’e feeling because my family and I just got back from an awesome 4 day 3 night Disney Cruise!!  It is a trip we have had on our dream board for the last 3 years waiting for our youngest to be old enough to enjoy the trip.

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While we had an awesome time I find myself feeling bloated, tired, craving veggies and overall just out of sorts!  I thrive on routine, as most humans do and while vacations are awesome they often leaving us feeling off.

After sitting down and taking an inventory of my thoughts and feelings the day we returned home and today, I have come up with 5 tips for you to combat these side effects!!

1.Go to bed 30 minutes early or at least on time

This may seem like I’m your Mom and telling you what to do.  Ha!  But it’s so true!  You’re tired!!!!!  There’s nothing like sleeping in your OWN BED!!  Your body knows where home is and it just rests best in your own space.

Your home is more quiet than a hotel, cruise room or family member’s home.  Your bed fits you best!  You have the right sheets, blankets an temperature control.  So instead of trying to put away all the clothes and get everything back in order for tomorrow, get some rest so you can tackle the next day!

2. Set your intention for the next day

Before you climb in that cozy bed make a rough draft in your daily planner OR in your mind of what tomorrow will look like.  Ask yourself:

When will I get my workout in?

What will I eat for breakfast?

Do I need to go grocery shopping or schedule a grocery delivery so I have fresh foods to eat?

Each evening I like to roughly plan what the next day will look like but the day after a vacation is critical to getting back on track with the habits that keep you healthy and thriving!

3. Drink EXTRA WATER!! 

First thing you should do the day you are returning home is to start downing the water.  If you know your typical water intake, up it by 20-30 oz.  Chances are since you haven’t been in your normal routine you are extra behind on fluids.  It’s time to play catch up!

And, if you drank alcohol or spent extra time outdoors during your vacation you are even more dehydrated.  Not to mention if you were flying, in a colder/warmer climate and staying up later than normal.

Water flushes out the bad and rejuvenates our cells!  If you are wondering how much to drink, half your body weight in ounces.  For instance, I currently weigh 155 pounds so ideally I’m getting in at least 78 ounces a day.  That is my no matter what amount but I shoot for 100 ounces a day to make it easy to remember.

Feel free to try out this yummy recipe for Slightly Bubbly Citrus Water for getting in more water if you aren’t a fan of plain water!

4. Get at least 3 servings of vegetables a day for the next week

The easiest way to do this is have a big salad!  Add in all sorts of yummy veggies and get in the extra fiber to get things moving.  When you are on vacation chances are you have been eating more processed foods or foods from restaurants.  There is more sodium in these foods and your digestion is slower, leaving you bloated.  To get things moving through, 3 servings of veggies will do the trick!

Here are a few awesome salad recipes to help if you are out of ideas!

Cucumber & Tomato Salad 

Quinoa Salad shakeology, vacation, disney cruise, chocolate shakeology, vegan

And if you don’t like salad you can drink Shakeology that is a substitute to 3 veggies a day and tastes like a treat!!

I made sure to have a Chocolate Vegan Shakeology as I was getting ready for the day upon our return!  It is such an easy meal that my body now craves!!

I drink this each day regardless of if I’m coming back from vacation or not to get in extra micro nutrients plus pro and pre biotics to get my digestion back on track.

5. Sweat it out!

Make sure to get in a workout – preferably your soul mate workout to remind you why you enjoy exercise so much.  There’s nothing like the endorphins rushing after your favorite form of exercise.  Maybe you enjoy a walk/jog outside in the fresh air.  Maybe you enjoy the energy and seeing friends in a group fitness class.  Or, maybe you just need a long yoga session!

Whatever it is, get your FAV workout in STAT!!

If you don’t have a soul mate workout and you’ve never known that exercise can actually be fun, we need to chat! LOL!  I am more than happy to help you find that workout style/program that will keep you coming back for more!!

Beachbody now has the All Access Pass that is on special until the end of February 2017 and will give you over $6000 worth or programs to choose from.  I just know your soul mate workout is hiding in there somewhere!

I hope these tips were helpful for you!  If you’re wanting more help with getting back on track or looking for extra motivation contact me and I will be happy to help coach you!!  Thanks for reading!

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