Why I gave the Whole30 a GO!

A few years ago I started seeing hashtags on Instagram talking about #whole30.  As a lover of fitness and nutrition I was intrigued.  As I read on I realized that :

A. I was already happy where I was and

B. I wasn’t ready to give up some of the foods I had clung to in my get fit after 3 kids in 4 years venture.  AKA: Shakeology, wine and the occasional dessert
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As the years and weeks went on I kept seeing this program.  I would think to myself, wow, this must really be working for people.  I dove in deeper to reading about the program.

The slow slide

At this point, about a year ago, I started to fall back into old habits.  Think one cookie a day and the weekend wine rewards.  Oh and Halo Top.  You must never give up Ice Cream 😉 

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I thought I had it all figured out and was in control because I had learned how to count macros and was enjoying lifting weights over cardio.  But, I didn’t have it all figured out.  After a reverse diet I started cutting and my body and mind started rebelling.  Why wasn’t this working?  How could some girls enjoy flexible dieting but my body started to shut down?  Why did I feel restricted in my food portion sizes and hungry all the time?  Why was I hitting snooze 10 times in a row?  Why did I feel so anxious and lonely?  Where was my motivation?  My happiness?  


And, why did I have to have something sweet after every meal?  Yes.  Every. Meal.  I was beyond frustrated….

Glimmers of Hope

A few women whom I share mutual health struggles with on Instagram have tried, completed and continue to live/share their whole30ish journeys.  If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have had such a clear representation of this program and had to courage to start my Whole30!  Before I go any further I need to give Brooke Maroth from the Sweet Spot Life and Tiffanie Hage from Moms Can Be Fit a huge shout out!  

Thank you both for being courageous women in the health and fitness industry.  You both love the Lord and share your authentic selves.  Thank you for mentoring me from both near and far.  I am grateful that you listened to God’s call on your life to share your good, bad and ugly so others can see parts of themselves in your stories.

The Hard Truth

Thank you Brooke for stepping out in courage at Summit in July and being bold enough to tell me that gluten was slowly killing me.  I’m sure that was hard to do.  I gave up gluten the next week.

It was time for me to get real with myself.  I am a more complicated case.  My body doesn’t respond to programs the way others seem to.  I can’t ignore my disease any more.  I have hashimotos and I need to start taking that more seriously.  

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I remember sitting in my office one morning as Summer was wrapping up  contemplating my goals as I do every 3 months.  I had just finished reading the Case Against Sugar and The 5 Second Rule.  

I also was just finishing a Summer Bible study where God revealed to me some pretty heavy chains I had been carrying around specific to body image and emotional eating.  Honestly, it was as if the stars aligned.  Everything felt right.  

The Holy Spirit touched my heart and whispered Whole30.  To those who aren’t believers, this probably sounds crazy or strange.  But honestly, it was just like that.  A thought.  A whisper from God, you’re ready.  It was time for MY WHOLE30!

What’s next?! 

So, what did I do.  In that moment.  No over thinking or excuses.  I 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 as Mel Robbins says in The 5 second Rule ordered the book, Whole30.  I made up my mind right then and there.  It was my turn.  

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