Country Heat | Week 4 Meal Plan and Prep

I’m pumped to let you all know that I’ve successfully completed 3 weeks of Country Heat and today I’m gearing up for Week 4!  That’s right, 21 days of no missed workouts and eating 90% on plan.

**Disclaimer: I’m allowing myself a 2-3 treats a week as I’m not in a race to loose a bunch of weight really fast.  My goals for Round 1 of Country Heat really are to enjoy exercise again, get back into a groove with fitness and not dreading my workouts, follow a nutrition plan without guilt for ‘life’ happening ie; Birthday parties, dessert and drinks.  I should point out that Country Heat does allow for cheats and treats so I guess I’m not going over too much.

I have learned over the last 2 years from coaching myself to loose 25 pounds as well as over 200 people, mostly moms on their health and fitness journey’s that you can’t go all out crazy into a new plan.  In order for anything to stick and become a lifestyle you must make small changes over time.

You cannot compare your journey to others country heat week 4and you must not be overly emotionally attached to the outcome.  A little harsh, but that is the truth I have learned.  There are no quick fixes to health.  There are no pills, wraps or shakes that will make you look and feel amazing in the long term.  Country Heat allows for the slower, natural, happy progress of cleaner eating and regular fitness to happen!  If you follow this program you WILL see and feel results, it just might not be as fast as you may want.  In my experience loosing 1-2 pounds a week is average and considered normal.  If you are in that range AND enjoying your program I think that’s GOLD!

Let’s dive into my plan for Week 4 on Country Heat!  This is the meal plan I will be following along with the workout’s as planned on the schedule:

8/22 meal plan

Want the nitty gritty breakdown of why I choose these meals and how I’m strategically planning my week to fit into my busy schedule as a Mom of 3 with a traveling husband? Watch this!

And, the final portion….the Recipes! I know everyone always wants how do you Meal Prep?  I promise it’s not hard once you work it into your lifestyle.  I have found that I can make my meal plan on Friday afternoons or Sunday mornings before the kids wake up.  We grocery shop and meal prep Sunday afternoon/evening.  Yes it does take about 3 hours for the entire process but it saves so much time and money in the end.  Plus, we all have to eat right?  So what are you waiting for?  Let me show you how I meal prepped for Week 4!

Recipes used this week:

Almond Protein Squares

Spaghatti Squash Lasagna Bowls

There ya have it! Week 4 Meal Plan and Prep!  I love helping others get healthy and fit by supporting you in your journey to a healthier happier you!

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