How to break down your BIG health goals into smaller more attainable goals

So you’ve decided you want to start eating more vegetables or you want to lose the baby weight once and for all.  Maybe you feel like you want to start learning more about faith or bettering your marriage.

Next thing you know you try to start off on this new BIG GOAL and you get stuck.  You hit a road block and you give up.  We have all set out on this track before in one way or another with one goal or another.

How in the world will ever do X amount of pushups?

How will I ever feel comfortable in a bathing suit?

Then, not only do you doubt yourself but then you may start comparing yourself to others around you who seem to have achieved what you are trying to achieve.  You start to get more discouraged then ever.  You may start to judge another because they seem to have it all figured out and that irritates you.

Does this sound familiar?

21 day fix, mom of 3, beachbody, home workout, postpartum fitness, weight loss, lose weight at homeWhen I set out to lose the baby weight after having 3 kids in 4 years I was faced with the same feelings.  I remember feeling as though every other fit healthy girl had it figured out and I was so far behind.

What was her secret sauce?

How did she get abs after having 3 kids?

How does she enjoy vegetables?

How does she actually look forward to workouts and not want to die?!

It all let me to this question, How do I break down my BIG health goals into smaller more attainable goals?

First things first – You must make sure that your goal/dream aligns with your life and what is most important to you.  As an example, it’s not realistic to think that you can workout 2 hours a day if you work 12 hour shifts and have 3 kids, a husband and a dog to take care of.  Ok, that’s extreme, but do you see my point?

If Thursday date night is important to you with your husband you can’t do a double workout every Thursday and have it stick.  Sure, you may be able to hang on for a little while, but long term something will fail.  Either the workout or the date night – they aren’t in alignment with one another.

Next, put your dream/goal out into the universe!  Better yet, write it down! Then, share it with someone for accountability!  In the private health and fitness groups I run we share our goals with one another to hold each other accountable and to this new higher standard for a certain season.

Let’s break it down even further….so if I’m going to commit to said goal for the next 3 weeks, how am I going to ensure I actually achieve it?  It’s simple!  You ready for it?!

What are 2-3 items you can complete TODAY that will take 10-20 minutes that will get you 1 finger nail closer to my goal?

That’s it! No secret! Write those small attainable goals down and cross those babies off your list at the end of the day!!!  Better yet, share your progress with proof with your accountability parter or private group and FEEL PROUD OF YOURSELF!  You did it!

Are you wanting to work towards goals?  I can help you!  Fill out this form and let’s chat about your goals!

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