Apple Watch Review from a Mom of 3

Let’s talk Apple Watches!

As a Mom of 3 when I first saw these watches hit the shelves a few years ago I thought they were expensive and seemed like overkill.  How could I justify something so expensive that was just a watch?  That was until my trusted Michael Khors 3 tone watch started to fall apart.  FAIL!

I needed a new watch so I started researching watches.  My search lead me to Apple watches and after comparing other watches I liked I decided the price range was the saapple watch_4me and why not get a watch that actually did something for me other than tell time and date….Insert the Apple Watch Series 2 Gold 🙂

So I felt less guilty over the price, I decided to ask for it for Christmas!  #winning

The husband was thankful because it was an easy order from and Momma was actually excited about something!  LOL!

Why did I decide on the Series 2? 

Even with having a small wrist I decided to go with the larger face.  I love larger accessories and statement pieces and it was easier to see.  Honestly, I just liked the way it looked better on my wrist when trying on both the series 1 and 2.

I decided on the gold watch that came with the cocoa band.  I have yet to order new bands but definitely need to do that!  I figured the gold face would go with more outfits and would look classier with nice outfits.

Why I love the watch! 

My #1 reason and brag about this watch to all other Mommy friends I have is that you no longer have to be a slave to your phone when your kiddos are in school or not with you.  No more checking to see if you missed a call from the school because someone got hurt or ended up sick/in trouble/ran into a pole/insert crazy child thing here – all of these things have happened in my 7.5 years of motherhood!

The watch vibrates on my wrist when I get a call or text.  So as long as  you have this feature turned on you don’t have to worry you’re going to miss an important call/text.  Hallelujah!

Reason #2 – I can ping my phone and don’t have to search for it all over the house when I’m rushing out the door!  Let’s be honest, my kids take my phone or I leave it in my closet and am frantic looking for it as we are loading up to leave.  Not anymore!  I simply swipe up from the main screen and ping it till I find it!  So awesome!

apple watch, healthy life with 3, mom of 3, series 2 apple watch, gold apple watch Finally, I love the fitness tracking features.  The apple watch can track my workout time, steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and more!

You can set a daily move/calorie goal for the week and while I don’t care about calories it helps keep me accountable to actually move each day!

I enjoy the heart rate feature a lot.  I can see where I’m at in my workout to see if I’m pushing myself hard enough or if I need to rest a little longer before the next set.  It’s also really cool to see the increase in heart rate while doing a HIIT workout.

Something I have become convicted in is the importance of strength training as I notice higher calorie burn, aka the after burn throughout the day. It helps me stay motivated to lift weights more than cardio which used to be my go to!


Check out my video review here:

I hope this review has been helpful for you from a Mom of 3’s perspective who enjoys health and fitness.

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