3 Day Sneak Peek into Beachbody Coaching

Today as I was listening to some personal development podcasts while doing laundry it brought me back to when I was first a Beachbody Coach. When my coach approached me about the opportunity via social media I thought to myself, hmmm…..I need some extra accountability in my life. I knew that I loved Beachbody programs and this Shakeology stuff is pretty awesome. There was this little voice inside me that said, DO IT!
In the past I would have said I’m too busy OR I would never be good at something like that. I specifically remember texting my coach and saying, “Is there a sales minimum?” Proceeded by “You promise you will never pressure or push me?” She assured me neither was the case. I let it marinate for a few days and went on a long run with my husband as we were training for the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon. I was nervous but I told him that I really thought becoming a Beachbody coach would keep me accountable on my health and fitness journey. Why not get a discount on programs and products I already wanted and loved. He thought I was crazy. Usually I let him have the final say in all that goes on in our house. This time, I persisted. I told him that I really thought I could be good at it and if I inspired just a few people along my journey that it would all be worth it. I even remember saying, after a few months I will quit. Wow!! Looking back on that long run in October I had NO IDEA what would be in store for me. The last 8 months have been mind blowing!!! I have been able to find something that I am truly passionate about, HELPING OTHERS!! All the while I am able to use creativity, social media and heart to build an awesome at home business for myself and my team!!
Now I invite you to learn a little more about what Beachbody coaching is. Even if you are just the slightest bit interested in what it is that I’m always posting about, comment below or message me! Christina, Lindsey and I have 3 awesome days planned for you beginning TUESDAY JUNE 7TH – THURSDAY JUNE 9TH. There is no commitments or obligations in joining. It’s a private group for you to ask question or just lurk around.
We will talk about what a coach actually does, the different types of coaches, how much it costs to get started, how much we actually earn and how even though we aren’t fitness professionals we have still been able to help others! I truly look forward to this group because coaching has become something that I believe in and I want YOU to learn more about, even if it is for someone other than yourself. So comment below, email me at healthylifewith3@gmail.com or request to be added here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1461611054139688/

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