Key to success with Whole30 : Basic Mayo

Are y’all ready for something fun and new on the blog?! ¬†I knew it ūüėČ

I want to share with you what I feel were the things I couldn’t live without during my first round of the Whole30! ¬†Aka – Keys to success!

Today’s topic – Basic Mayo.

Yes. ¬†You read that right! ¬†Mayo! ¬†AKA slap that ish on anything or mix with other sauces and everything melts in your mouth! ¬†It’s divine!!

Here is a video tutorial!

Want the recipe?

Basic Mayo

(found in the Whole30 book)

1 1/4 cups light oil РI recommend grape seed oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp mustard powder

1 egg (preferably pasteurized and room temperature)

1/2 juice 1 lemon


  1. Combine 1/4 cup oil, egg, salt and mustard powder in food processor.  Blend until combined.
  2. Slowly drizzle in the remaining 1 cup of oil while your food processor is running.  The slower you go the thicker your mayo will be.
  3. After mayo is made, squeeze in lemon and stir.
  4. Jar, label and place in fridge.  Your mayo will be good for 1 week after the date on your eggs.  Buttttt, I doubt it will last that long!  Enjoy!

Why I gave the Whole30 a GO!

A few years ago I started seeing hashtags on Instagram talking about #whole30.  As a lover of fitness and nutrition I was intrigued.  As I read on I realized that :

A. I was already happy where I was and

B. I wasn’t ready to give up some of the foods I had clung to in my get fit after 3 kids in 4 years venture.  AKA: Shakeology, wine and the occasional dessert
whole30 blog

As the years and weeks went on I kept seeing this program.  I would think to myself, wow, this must really be working for people.  I dove in deeper to reading about the program.

The slow slide

At this point, about a year ago, I started to fall back into old habits. ¬†Think one cookie a day and the weekend wine rewards. ¬†Oh and Halo Top. ¬†You must never give up Ice Cream ūüėȬ†

whole 30 blog_1

I thought I had it all figured out and was in control because I had learned how to count macros and was enjoying lifting weights over cardio.  But, I didn’t have it all figured out.  After a reverse diet I started cutting and my body and mind started rebelling.  Why wasn’t this working?  How could some girls enjoy flexible dieting but my body started to shut down?  Why did I feel restricted in my food portion sizes and hungry all the time?  Why was I hitting snooze 10 times in a row?  Why did I feel so anxious and lonely?  Where was my motivation?  My happiness?  


And, why did I have to have something sweet after every meal?  Yes.  Every. Meal.  I was beyond frustrated….

Glimmers of Hope

A few women whom I share mutual health struggles with on Instagram have tried, completed and continue to live/share their whole30ish journeys.  If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have had such a clear representation of this program and had to courage to start my Whole30!  Before I go any further I need to give Brooke Maroth from the Sweet Spot Life and Tiffanie Hage from Moms Can Be Fit a huge shout out!  

Thank you both for being courageous women in the health and fitness industry.  You both love the Lord and share your authentic selves.  Thank you for mentoring me from both near and far.  I am grateful that you listened to God’s call on your life to share your good, bad and ugly so others can see parts of themselves in your stories.

The Hard Truth

Thank you Brooke for stepping out in courage at Summit in July and being bold enough to tell me that gluten was slowly killing me.  I’m sure that was hard to do.  I gave up gluten the next week.

It was time for me to get real with myself.  I am a more complicated case.  My body doesn’t respond to programs the way others seem to.  I can’t ignore my disease any more.  I have hashimotos and I need to start taking that more seriously.  

whole30 blog _3

I remember sitting in my office one morning as Summer was wrapping up  contemplating my goals as I do every 3 months.  I had just finished reading the Case Against Sugar and The 5 Second Rule.  

I also was just finishing a Summer Bible study where God revealed to me some pretty heavy chains I had been carrying around specific to body image and emotional eating.  Honestly, it was as if the stars aligned.  Everything felt right.  

The Holy Spirit touched my heart and whispered Whole30.  To those who aren’t believers, this probably sounds crazy or strange.  But honestly, it was just like that.  A thought.  A whisper from God, you’re ready.  It was time for MY WHOLE30!

What’s next?!¬†

So, what did I do.  In that moment.  No over thinking or excuses.  I 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 as Mel Robbins says in The 5 second Rule ordered the book, Whole30.  I made up my mind right then and there.  It was my turn.  

my whole 30_4


Chicken Stir Fry

I have a lot to fill ya in on but until then, I’m sharing a quick recipe!

Raise your hand if you need more veggies in your life?  Keep your hand raised if you get sick and tired of the same veggies cooked the same way each week?

Insert this Stir Fry!

I used chicken in the recipe you will see below but you could easily use a different kind of meat (beef, seasoned pork, shrimp, bison?) ¬†Don’t be afraid to try different cuts of meats you already enjoy and mix it up!

This recipe is very versatile and works for a lot of lifestyles. ¬†If you are gluten free it works perfectly and you could easily add quinoa or rice. ¬†If you are soy free it’s prefer because there is NO soy sauce! #winning

If you are sugar free it’s perfect because there are no sauces or fruits. ¬†If you are vegetarian or vegan just omit the meat option. ¬†See how awesome it is? ¬†At the end of the day I found this recipe in the Whole30 cookbook and tweaked a few things to make it fit my family’s tastes – I hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: Don’t skip out on the fresh garlic and ginger. ¬†I say this is in love! ¬†In the past I’ve been known to omit these 2 and sub garlic or ginger powder – it’s just NOT the same!

paleo, chicken stir fry, stir fry, whole30, whole 30, whole 30 recipes, whole30 recipes, whole 30 chicken recipes, whole30 chicken recipes, gluten free, sugar free

Chicken Stir Fry 

Paleo and Whole30 Approved

serves 2


3 T coconut oil

1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 cloves garlic minced

1 T grated fresh ginger

3-4 cups broccoli florets

2 cups mushrooms sliced

1 large carrot finely chopped

3-4 cups fresh green beans cut in half

1/4 of a large red onion sliced

1/2 cup cashews (optional)


  1. Heat 2 T coconut oil in large skillet or dutch oven pan over medium heat.  Place chicken in pan and sear/cook until the outside is browned and chicken reaches 155 Р165 degrees.  Make sure to flip every 3-4 minutes so it does not get burnt.
  2. Add garlic and ginger once chicken is cooked.  Stir and let cook for 1 -2 minutes.  Remove chicken from pan and set aside to rest.
  3. Add additional remaining oil to pan.  Increase heat to medium/high heat.
  4. Add broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, and onion.  Stir fry until vegetables are softened to your liking.  Anywhere from 4-10 minutes.
  5. While veggies cook, stirring every few minutes, slice chicken.  Once veggies are done, return chicken to pan and cook additional 2-3 minutes making sure to mix everything evenly.
  6. Divide dish between 2 plates and top with cashews if desired.  You could also serve with green onions or lime Рyour call!

PiYo – Strength, Flexibility and Cardio all in one!

You’ve heard of Yoga and maybe you’ve heard of Pilates. ¬†What if they got together, added in a little bit of options for jumping, faster movements and you could even wear sneakers? ¬†Well, my friends, that would be PiYo!

In this blog I’m going to do my best to explain it like we are sitting at coffee together. ¬†I don’t want this to be some super boring typical blog post about a workout plan. ¬†NOPE!

Let’s dive in…

I’m busy. ¬†I don’t care to sit too much. ¬†I honestly have a hard time sitting still, hence why I started vlogging more regularly instead of blogging.

I get bored easily and like to be active. ¬†I think that’s why I have always enjoyed group sports, races, etc. ¬†BUT you can’t always go go go.

There are some days you need to slow down or change up your workout routine. ¬†As I’ve gotten older my body has taught me not everything needs to be super intense. ¬†Sometimes I need to simmer down ūüôā

But what if you’re not super into fitness. ¬†Maybe you’re new¬†to the club. ¬†WELCOME ūüôā

Maybe you’ve stumbled on my blog/vlogs and the idea of lifting weights is intimidating. ¬†You don’t really want to go into a gym and you’re looking for something to get your feet wet.


There are so many varying levels of fitness and to be honest, there is no one sized fits all the fitness. ¬†BUT, PiYo comes pretty darn close! ¬†It doesn’t matter if you’re super fit and workout 300 hours a day or if you’re new to the club and haven’t workout in what seems like 300 YEARS! ¬†PiYo literally has something for everyone.

The is a modifier who can show you how to take the exercise down a level or two.  There is also an advanced option.  Chalene Johnson does an awesome job of giving lots of options and heck, if you want to work really hard, you just repeat the workout!!!

Alright, enough words already, let me show you some vids of me actually doing PiYo so you can see it in action!

So what do you think? Pretty cool? Want to give it a try?

piyo, PiYo, healthylifewith3, healthy life with 3,



Don’t just take my word and experience for it! ¬†Watch this!!!

piyo, PiYo, healthylifewith3, healthy life with 3,

How to break down your BIG health goals into smaller more attainable goals

So you’ve decided you want to start eating more vegetables or you want to lose the baby weight once and for all. ¬†Maybe you feel like you want to start learning more about faith or bettering your marriage.

Next thing you know you try to start off on this new BIG GOAL and you get stuck.  You hit a road block and you give up.  We have all set out on this track before in one way or another with one goal or another.

How in the world will ever do X amount of pushups?

How will I ever feel comfortable in a bathing suit?

Then, not only do you doubt yourself but then you may start comparing yourself to others around you who seem to have achieved what you are trying to achieve.  You start to get more discouraged then ever.  You may start to judge another because they seem to have it all figured out and that irritates you.

Does this sound familiar?

21 day fix, mom of 3, beachbody, home workout, postpartum fitness, weight loss, lose weight at homeWhen I set out to lose the baby weight after having 3 kids in 4 years I was faced with the same feelings.  I remember feeling as though every other fit healthy girl had it figured out and I was so far behind.

What was her secret sauce?

How did she get abs after having 3 kids?

How does she enjoy vegetables?

How does she actually look forward to workouts and not want to die?!

It all let me to this question, How do I break down my BIG health goals into smaller more attainable goals?

First things first – You must make sure that your goal/dream aligns with your life and what is most important to you. ¬†As an example, it’s not realistic to think that you can workout 2 hours a day if you work 12 hour¬†shifts and have 3 kids, a husband and a dog to take care of. ¬†Ok, that’s extreme, but do you see my point?

If Thursday date night is important to you with your husband you can’t do a double workout every Thursday and have it stick. ¬†Sure, you may be able to hang on for a little while, but long term something will fail. ¬†Either the workout or the date night – they aren’t in alignment with one another.

Next, put your dream/goal out into the universe!  Better yet, write it down! Then, share it with someone for accountability!  In the private health and fitness groups I run we share our goals with one another to hold each other accountable and to this new higher standard for a certain season.

Let’s break it down even further….so if I’m going to commit to said goal for the next 3 weeks, how am I going to ensure I actually achieve it? ¬†It’s simple! ¬†You ready for it?!

What are 2-3 items you can complete TODAY that will take 10-20 minutes that will get you 1 finger nail closer to my goal?

That’s it! No secret! Write those small attainable goals down and cross those babies off your list at the end of the day!!! ¬†Better yet, share your progress with proof with your accountability parter or private group and FEEL PROUD OF YOURSELF! ¬†You did it!

Are you wanting to work towards goals? ¬†I can help you! ¬†Fill out this form and let’s chat about your goals!

Apple Watch Review from a Mom of 3

Let’s talk Apple Watches!

As a Mom of 3 when I first saw these watches hit the shelves a few years ago I thought they were expensive and seemed like overkill.  How could I justify something so expensive that was just a watch?  That was until my trusted Michael Khors 3 tone watch started to fall apart.  FAIL!

I needed a new watch so I started researching watches. ¬†My search lead me to Apple watches and after comparing other watches I liked I decided the price range was the saapple watch_4me and why not get a watch that actually did something for me other than tell time and date….Insert the Apple Watch Series 2 Gold ūüôā

So I felt less guilty over the price, I decided to ask for it for Christmas!  #winning

The husband was thankful because it was an easy order from and Momma was actually excited about something!  LOL!

Why did I decide on the Series 2? 

Even with having a small wrist I decided to go with the larger face.  I love larger accessories and statement pieces and it was easier to see.  Honestly, I just liked the way it looked better on my wrist when trying on both the series 1 and 2.

I decided on the gold watch that came with the cocoa band.  I have yet to order new bands but definitely need to do that!  I figured the gold face would go with more outfits and would look classier with nice outfits.

Why I love the watch! 

My #1 reason and brag about this watch to all other Mommy friends I have is that you no longer have to be a slave to your phone when your kiddos are in school or not with you.  No more checking to see if you missed a call from the school because someone got hurt or ended up sick/in trouble/ran into a pole/insert crazy child thing here Рall of these things have happened in my 7.5 years of motherhood!

The watch vibrates on my wrist when I get a call or text. ¬†So as long as ¬†you have this feature turned on you don’t have to worry you’re going to miss an important call/text. ¬†Hallelujah!

Reason #2 – I can ping my phone and don’t have to search for it all over the house when I’m rushing out the door! ¬†Let’s be honest, my kids take my phone or I leave it in my closet and am frantic looking for it as we are loading up to leave. ¬†Not anymore! ¬†I simply swipe up¬†from the main screen and ping it till I find it! ¬†So awesome!

apple watch, healthy life with 3, mom of 3, series 2 apple watch, gold apple watch Finally, I love the fitness tracking features.  The apple watch can track my workout time, steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and more!

You can set a daily move/calorie goal for the week and while I don’t care about calories it helps keep me accountable to actually move each day!

I enjoy the heart rate feature a lot. ¬†I can see where I’m at in my workout to see if I’m pushing myself hard enough or if I need to rest a little longer before the next set.¬† It’s also really cool to see the increase in heart rate while doing a HIIT workout.

Something I have become convicted in is the importance of strength training as I notice higher calorie burn, aka the after burn throughout the day. It helps me stay motivated to lift weights more than cardio which used to be my go to!


Check out my video review here:

I hope this review has been helpful for you from a Mom of 3’s perspective who enjoys health and fitness.

If you‚Äôre¬†a busy lady¬†looking for a more simplified way to health and fitness enjoying meals like this ‚Äď let‚Äôs connect!! Fill out the form below!

Hawaiian Chicken

I really enjoy roaming Pinterest! ¬†It gives me motivation and inspiration for all sorts of things – especially new recipes! ¬†It’s actually one of the reasons I made this blog – to pay it forward to other Mamas out there like myself. ¬†Moms who want to eat healthy but don’t want elaborate meals. ¬†Can I get an Amen?!

This past Sunday after our kids went to bed my husband was watching sports and I got on my phone.  I start scrolling Pinterest for meal ideas for the week.  I found a recipe for Sheet Pan Hawaiian Chicken that was Whole 30 approved.  I thought, that sounds fun and differeneasy dinner, mom of 3, dance class, Hawaiian chicken, whole 30, eat clean, clean eating, 21 day fix, t!

Think of kabobs off the stick and no grill required!

I tweaked it a little to make it a tad cleaner with less sugars/carbs.  I was able to prep the dinner before dance class and just have my husband put it in the oven when he got home so it was ready when I got home will all 3 kids.  Served it with cauliflower rice and avocado!  Viola!


1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into bite sized pieces

2 cups cubed fresh pineapple

1 red bell pepper cut into bite sized pieces

1/4 of a large red onion cut into bite sized pieces

2 medium sweet potatoes pealed and cut into bite sized pieces

1 Tablespoon olive or coconut oil

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut

1 lime quartered for garnish/juice to taste over top dish


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cut up all veggies, fruit and meat into bite sized pieces if you haven’t already done so or bought this way.
  3. Take a 9X13 inch baking pan with sides and add oil.  Add all veggies, fruit and meat.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  With a spoon or your hands toss to coat all ingredients with oil.
  4. Place in oven and roast for 15 minutes. Stir and then turn up the oven to 400 degrees.  Return pan to oven and bake for another 15-25 minutes until everything is lightly browned and potatoes are done.  (Note Рthere will be some sauce at the bottom of the pan, this is the drippings of the meat and water from the veggies/fruit.  You can use this to put on top of the dish or discard.)
  5. Dish out Hawaiian Chicken onto plates and sprinkle with desired shredded coconut and lime juice just before serving.  I served this dish with coconut rice and sliced avocado. Hawaii, Hawaiian chicken, whole 30, eat clean, healthy dinner, dance class, dance mom, husband, 21 day fix, macros, flexible dieting, one pot dish, one pan meal, my fitness pal

Since learning more about clean eating and Macros I have become really passionate about the

nutritional Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.20.20 PMfacts of foods. ¬†Yes it’s important to eat healthy whole ingredients but how many carbs, fat, fiber, sugar and protein grams are there in these foods? ¬†Because of this I have made an account with MyFitness Pal.

My user name is ericaamadori if you want to connect there.

In that app you can create your own recipes and it calculates the nutrition facts for you!  Pretty cool!  Here are the nutritional facts for this dish Рwithout the coconut.

Thank you so much for reading! ¬†If you plan to try this recipe feel free to share it with others!! ¬†Maybe on Pinterest ūüėČ

If you’re¬†a busy mom looking for a more simplified way to health and fitness enjoying meals like this – let’s connect!! Fill out the form below!